Radley at Home

Photo Credit: OhmniLabs Inc.

Families don’t live next door to each other anymore, so staying connected with those you love and keeping in touch with their daily lives can be a challenge. Do you ever wish you could just look in on a family member every day, to make sure they’re ok? Now there’s a solution that lets you do just that! Empower your loved ones to live independently while you have peace of mind, knowing they’re alright.

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Radley at Facilities

Photo credit: OhmniLabs Inc.

Providing engagement and connection for residents in a personal way can be hard – everybody is different! How can facilities provide personalized client experiences that keep people safe and happy where they live and contribute to overall client satisfaction? Radley Robots’ Virtual Care Companions supplement facility staff and can enable family members to participate in supporting their loved ones, as well as giving access to a variety of programming. Our support can make things a little bit easier.

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Radley Robots in Action

A virtual visit with a loved one

Radley Robots enables families to stay connected. Whether you’d like to have a one-on-one conversation with your sister in the next town or a virtual family reunion bringing people together from the other side of the world, it’s all possible with a Radley. We help people to see each other’s joyful faces and experience the pleasure that friends and family take in each other’s company.

Tour your loved one’s living environment

See your aunt’s room and check out the dining and relaxation areas in her new building! With Radley Robots, you can take control and explore where your family member lives. Next time your loved one says they’re heading off to the games room, you’ll know exactly where that is and what it looks like. Imagine the peace of mind, understanding where they are and how they live – all possible with a Radley.

A virtual mall tour

Online shopping – together!

IF you’re having a digital visit with Mom, why not check out some online shopping? Together you can look at items online at Amazon, Walmart, or wherever else she likes to shop. For groceries, meal deliveries, or for birthday and Christmas presents, you can use the Radley to explore and figure out both what your loved one needs and likes. From what colour throw would look best on Mom’s chair to seeing which bird bath she’d like to see from her window, you can view and decide together. You’ll know that you’re getting her something she wants, because she’s actually seen and selected it herself!