About Radley Robots

Like many people, our founder Savana Radley never had much of an interest in healthcare or adjacent support industries until she needed more support herself as a result of spinal fusion surgery. She asked a simple question:

“Why can’t I rent something that will help me out?”

About Our Founder

Savana’s background in technology, her own post-surgery experience and the needs she perceived with her own aging parents drove her to investigate robotics as an enabler. Realizing that technologies were beginning to converge, she elected to begin by concentrating on simple use cases that can be serviced by a proven technology – telepresence robots – and powered by people.


As Radley Robots operate in people’s homes, we’ll learn more about what kind of support our customers need, so we can keep adding to our service. By keeping people front and centre, we’re planning to become the preferred solution for people who need supplemental help at home or in care and congregate living facilities.

Savana at Play

When Savana is not actively supporting people at work she can be found enjoying outdoor pursuits in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.

Savana at Work

Savana’s experience and career in various roles with multiple technology companies gave her the experience and confidence to start Radley Robots.