Radley for Facilities

Discover what Radley can do as a complementary tool in a larger facility setting.

Added Care

With one of our robots in your facility, it becomes easier to provide connection and programming on either a group or one-to-one basis. A Virtual Care Companion can deliver small items to rooms, help a resident with a technical issue on their own phone or television, or facilitate personal learning or entertainment. Not everyone wants to attend group recreational programming, so why not invite your residents to try a new activity in the privacy of their own suite? It’s a lot easier to try out chair yoga if you’re not worried about how you look. Radley Robots can make it possible for you to offer more options to residents and a more personalized experience without increasing your recreational team complement.

Cost Efficiency

Using Virtual Care Companions can supplement your existing team without adding to overall staff count. Every human interaction you’re able to provide to your residents is important, but providing a great staff-to-resident ratio can be hard – good people are hard to find and keep. Using Radley Robots’ services can relieve some of the burden and can be scaled up and down as needed, offering a great option to support and complement your team.

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A Reliable Solution

We provide services that will work with your schedule. With a variety of options, including weekend and evening service, you can use Radley Robots at various intervals during the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can also use them to supplement cover while permanent staff are taking their vacations and enjoying a well-deserved break. Our commitment to reliability and flexibility can help your facility bring more support to residents, which means happier, more satisfied residents and families who stay with you for longer.