Why Choose Radley Robots?

Radley is the smart way to bring companionship to your loved ones and peace of mind to you.

Community.  Connectedness. Care.

A Radley Robot takes you beyond the screen. It’s a way to connect with friends and family the way you want to, where you are in control. We provide our Virtual Care Companions as a part of our service to facilitate calls and programming, and to provide defined check-in / monitoring throughout the day, but you can jump on at any time to take a drive around yourself and see what’s going on. Plus, we’re working every day to add new capabilities and programming so that your loved one can access a variety of music, video, storytelling, educational content and interactive sessions provided by local organizations.


Imagine calling your mom or dad to see how their day is going, only to find that they’ve been taking virtual tours of the Glenbow Museum, or listening to talks on how to grow the best roses in town. With a wealth of content on offer, a Radley Robot not only gives you peace of mind, but can help to ensure that your loved ones are active and mentally engaged.

Our robots provide communications and mental health support using facilitated video calling and recreational programming.

A Radley provides more options to care for loved ones.

We offer a wide variety of programming through our Radleys.


Having a Radley means having greater peace of mind.