Radley at Home

A Virtual Care Companion

A Radley Robot acts as a virtual care companion, with a real person monitoring and supporting your loved one through the robot. Our services provide companionship, to help address social isolation and aid access to a better quality of life for an individual and those caring for them.

Families don’t live next door to each other anymore, so staying connected with those you love and keeping in touch with their daily lives can be a challenge. Empower your loved ones to live independently while you have peace of mind, knowing that you or a trusted virtual companion is looking in on them every day to make sure they’re ok.


A Virtual Care Companion will check in on your loved one up to three times during the day. We’ll drive the Radley to where your loved one is in their home, check their physical, emotional and environmental well-being and have a conversation with them for up to 30 minutes each time.


During a wellness check-in, we’ll remind them of any virtual or in-person appointments and to take any necessary medications. We also get to know them and understand their needs, so we can check their well-being, see if they need supplies and help them make an online grocery order that can be delivered, or just have a friendly chat. We’ll inform you of the status of these check-ins and if we’re perceiving that more help may be needed.


Through our Radley Robot, we are also able to make and manage voice and video calls for your loved one. Incoming calls are brought to them, wherever they are in the home, so there’s no worry about missing a call. To make an outgoing call, your loved one can just call our Support Line using their mobile or landline telephone, and we take care of the rest. We work with their friends and family to find convenient times to connect and then bring everyone together at a prearranged time. We’ve found that many older adults hesitate to call their families, worried that they are working and probably busy. With our support to schedule family appointments, older adults can relax knowing that they’re connecting when their family has time to talk.


A Radley Robot can provide up to 6 constant hours of call time or 12 hours on standby, and charges via a small docking station installed within the resident’s home. Once the battery starts to get low, our Virtual Care Companion will dock the Radley for charging. No action by the resident is needed.


We deliver and set up your Radley at the desired location and time, and pick it up for free when the Radley is no longer required. No extra work or set up is required by you or your loved one.  It’s that easy!